A' Siciliana Sicilian Limonata Lemon Soda, 33.8 oz

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This Lemon Soda is refreshing and delicious

This unique soda from Sicily is made with real fruit juice.

Enjoy on its own, or use in your favorite cocktail recipes.

A' Siciliana Sicilian Limonata Lemon Soda is made from fresh lemons from the coasts of Sicily. Lemon drinks are extremely popular in Italy, and this Italian soda is a great representation of why that is. Zingy and refreshing, A' Siciliana Sicilian Limonata Lemon Soda is an ideal drink to grab on a hot day. The sweet and sour flavor notes of this effervescent lemon beverage makes it a great choice for cocktails and mocktails.

Water, lemon juice 12% from concentrate, sugar, carbon dioxide, lemon pulp, citric acid, natural flavorings, ascorbic acid.

33.8 oz (1 liter)


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