Blue Cattle Truck Pure Mexican Vanilla, 16.7 oz

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This Pure Vanilla Extract is made from Mexican vanilla beans

This 100% natural vanilla bean extract is made with the simple mixture of vanilla and alcohol.

Add high-quality vanilla flavor and aroma to cookies, ice cream, and other recipes.

Blue Cattle Truck Pure Mexican Vanilla is made from the richest vanilla beans in the world and extracted in purified water. The Canosa family, who produce the vanilla used in this extract, have been awarded the Gold Medal of Honor in Mexico.

This vanilla extract contains 35% alcohol, which is perfect for baking. Try it in cakes, cookies, and brownies. Use this vanilla extract in homemade ice cream and frozen custard recipes. Or even make vanilla sugar. This product is all natural with no added preservatives or other additives.


Vanilla bean extractive in purified water, 35% alcohol


16.7 oz


Product of Mexico 

Bottled in USA

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