Callipo Hot Chili Peppers with Tuna, 7.9 oz

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These Tuna-stuffed Chili Peppers are spicy and flavorful

These Italian chili peppers contain a tuna mixture with capers and extra virgin olive oil.

Enjoy these stuffed peppers on a charcuterie platter with dry-cured meats and crostini.

Callipo Tuna was founded in 1913 by Giacinto Callipo in Calabria, Italy. For more than 100 years, as a family-owned company, they have been considered one of the best canned tuna brands in the country.

Callipo's Hot Chili Peppers with Tuna are Calabria's traditional hot chili peppers which are somewhat spicy and brightly red. They're stuffed with a creamy tuna, capers, and anchovy.

These stuffed Italian chilis make a great appetizer to serve alongside an assortment of cold cuts and cheeses on a charcuterie board. Add these tuna-stuffed pepper halves to a gift basket for anyone who appreciates authentic Mediterranean cuisine.


Hot Chili peppers 38%, olive oil 35%, Tuna  27% filling (Yellowfin Tuna “Thunnus albacares” 56%, water, vinegar, olive oil, capers, jelling agent: locust bean gum; salt, anchovies paste, acidity corrector: lactic acid; antioxidant: ascorbic acid); bay-tree


7.9 oz (225g)


Product of Italy

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