Cento Calabrese Peperoncini, 9.8 oz

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This Calabrese Peperoncino has an authentic Italian taste

This Italian pepper spread has an extra spicy level of heat.

Enjoy this hot pepperoncini spread in sandwiches, pasta, and more.

Made from famous Italian Calabrese peppers, cento Extra Hot Calabrese Peperoncino is a tasty spread that is great on sandwiches, pasta, and pizza.

When mixed with oil and wine vinegar, the extra spicy peppers and 100% natural sea salt create the perfect balance of spice and authentic Italian flavor. Try this  pepperoncini pepper spread with cream cheese on a panini or toasted bagel. Or enjoy it as a pepperoncini dip for a bold charcuterie board.


Hot pepper, sunflower oil, sea salt, white wine vinegar, naturally derived citric acid.


9.8 oz (280g)


Product of Italy 


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