Divina Orange Fig Spread, 9 oz

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This Orange Fig Spread is made with natural ingredients

Try this fruit jam on a cheese platter with crackers, goat cheese, and fresh fruit.

Use this jam to add a tangy flavor to salad dressings, marinades, and even pan sauces.

Divina Orange Fig Spread is a zesty condiment with a sweet, citrusy flavor. It's always made with fresh figs, oranges, and real cane sugar.

Try this tangy orange fig jam on toast or a croissant for a tasty breakfast. Enjoy it on crackers with goat cheese and pair with a glass of wine. Or even add this jam to a salad dressing or marinade with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs.

You can also mix this jam with vanilla ice cream and Greek yogurt. Or spread it on French toast with ground cinnamon and powdered sugar.


Figs, Cane Sugar, Oranges, Citric Acid (acidity Regulator), Fruit Pectin.


9 oz


Product of USA

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