Golden Barrel Light Corn Syrup, 32 oz

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This Light Corn Syrup has real vanilla flavoring

Try this vanilla corn syrup as a natural sweetener for pecan pies, pastries, glazes, and more.

This gluten-free corn syrup keeps baked goods fresh and delicious.

Along with providing sweetness, Golden Barrel corn syrup thickens sauces, gives volume to baked goods, and keeps sugar from crystallizing. It helps food stay fresh by retaining moisture. This light corn syrup is flavored with real vanilla.

Make pies, sweets, jams, jellies, fountain syrups, glazes, and marinades using Golden Barrel corn syrup. It's a fantastic bulk component with a variety of uses for any enterprise!


Corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, vanilla, salt.


32 oz


Product of USA 

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