Howard’s Onion Seasoning Juice, 5 oz

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This Onion Seasoning Juice is a bold flavoring

This onion condiment contains just onion juice, vinegar, and salt.

Use this onion seasoning to flavor marinades, slow-cooker recipes, meat stews, and much more.

Howard’s Onion Seasoning Juice is made with natural ingredients. This mixture of onion juice, vinegar, and salt can be used in marinades, salad dressings, and even pan sauces.

Try a dash of this onion juice as an alternative to finely chopped onions in a roast or slow-cooker recipe. Add this onion seasoning to a stir-fry recipe with chicken, pork, or mushrooms. Or use a dash of this onion flavoring in a savory soup, stew, or chili recipe. You can use onion juice in robust red sauces for pasta and pizza.

Looking to stock up on pantry staples? This onion flavoring is great to have in your home kitchen for a variety of dishes.


Onion Juice Concentrate, vinegar, salt


5 oz


Product of USA

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