Inca's Food Aji Rocoto Hot Pepper Paste, 15.7 oz

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This Red Pepper Paste is made with Rocoto peppers

This aromatic pepper condiment is delicious in savory meat, seafood, and vegetarian recipes.

Try this pepper paste in marinades, sauces, and stews.

Peruvian Import Co. has been bringing the cuisine of Peru to people around the world since 1978. Inca’s Food is one of their brands and is used to label a wide range of products, including seasonings, snacks, beverages, and more. Their products make great additions to gift baskets for anyone who enjoys trying unique foods.

Inca's Food Aji Rocoto Hot Pepper Paste is a spicy pepper paste that only uses salt as a flavoring. This Rocoto pepper paste can be used in a variety of smoky and savory recipes from Peru as well as other parts of the world. Mix this paste with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs to marinate chicken, pork, or white fish recipes.

You can also try this hot pepper paste in Peruvian-style stews and rice dishes. Serve it alongside grilled meats and seafood as a condiment. Or add this pepper mixture to a pot of chili for a unique combination of flavors and aromas.


Rocoto hot pepper, salt, citric acid and sodium benzoate as preservative


15.7 oz


Product of Peru

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