Maldon Sea Salt Flakes Bucket - 3.1 lbs

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This table salt is known for its pyramid-shaped crystals

This finishing salt has a very clean taste

Maldon also produces smoked sea salt

Enjoy the Maldon Sea Salt Flakes Bucket, an offering of culinary perfection, and taste the pure essence of natural flavor. These handmade salt flakes were made using traditional techniques and come from the pure waters of the Blackwater Estuary in Essex, England.

Hand-harvesting each delicate flake produces a texture that is both light and crispy, enhancing the flavor of any dish. This sea salt takes even the most basic foods to new culinary heights with its crisp, salty flavor and delicate mineral richness. 

The Maldon Sea Salt Flakes Bucket is a cooking essential that will please chefs, bakers, and food fans alike. It is ideal for completing delightful delicacies, seasoning grilled meats, and sprinkling over fresh salads. Take advantage of the renowned quality and unique character of Maldon sea salt to give your meals a gourmet flair.

3.1 lb. -

Product of England

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