Mmmediterranean Wild Raw Red Shrimp (Head Off), 4 lb.

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These Mmmediterranean Shrimp are vibrant and delicious

These wild caught shrimp are from the cold waters of Argentina.

Enjoy in a variety of seafood dishes from Italy, Spain, and other cuisines.

Mmmediterranean Wild Red Shrimp are caught in the cold, deep, pristine natural waters of the Patagonian Sea. They have a bright color and a fresh, sweet, robust flavor. In terms of texture and taste, wild red shrimp are actually more similar to lobster than regular shrimp. These shrimp come with the head off and are immediately frozen after they are caught.

Enjoy in shrimp cocktail, or cook them in other recipes. For a gourmet seafood paella, pair with royal red shrimp and carabinero shrimp along with onions, red pepper, and mushrooms.

Comes frozen. Easy seal bag.

Wild Raw Red Shrimp Easy Peel. Approximately 11 to 15 units per pound. The bag weighs 4 pounds (1,8 Kg). Shrimp has shell on and tail on, Head off, not deveined.


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