Nairn’s Gluten Free Original Oat Graham Crackers, 5.6 oz

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Nairn's has designed a gluten-free cookie line that everyone will appreciate. Oats do not naturally contain gluten, however they can be contaminated if they come into touch with other grains. Nairn's takes pleasure in getting gluten-free oats from one of their Wyoming farms, which is owned by a family of Celiacs. The family not only recognizes the necessity of adhering to a gluten-free diet, but they have made it their mission to develop gluten-free oats.

Gluten free whole grain oats (72%), sustainable palm oil, brown sugar, golden syrup, tapioca starch, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), sea salt. May contain traces of milk, tree nuts, peanuts. Not suitable if you are allergic to the protein avenin.

5.64 oz

Product of USA
Baked in Scotland

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