Pasamontes 3 Months Aged Manchego Artesano DOP, 6 Lbs

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This Manchego Cheese is aged for three months

Enjoy this Spanish cheese on a charcuterie board with fruit jam and toast.

This Manchega sheep milk cheese has a natural rind with an elegant pattern.

Pasamontes 3 Months Aged Manchego Artesano DOP is a Spanish cheese made from sheep's milk. This firm cheese with a nutty flavor is made with milk from the Manchega breed of sheep in Spain's La Mancha region. Its designated protection of origin guarantees the authenticity of this Spanish sheep's milk cheese.

Grate this cheese over pasta recipes and other savory dishes. Try it in a grilled panini or toasted sandwich. Sample this type of manchego on a cheese board alongside the Italian pecorino romano or parmigiano reggiano.

Pair this cheese with extra virgin olive oil and dry-cured meats like salami and sliced chorizo. Or eat Manchego cheese with fresh fruit and a bottle of wine for a relaxing snack. You can even fry Manchego for an irresistible appetizer!

Looking for a present for a cheese-lover who enjoys Spanish or Mediterranean cuisine? This DOP Spanish cheese makes a wonderful gift for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations.


Sheep milk (raw), salt, rennet


6 Lbs (average)


Product of Spain

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