Sable & Rosenfeld Party Cups, 20 Count

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These Party Pastry Cups are perfect for sharing dessert

Enjoy these pastry cups with yogurt, pudding, or ice cream.

You may also fill these pastries with savory foods, such as mini quiches.

Sable & Rosenfeld Party Cups are puff pastries that are made to be paired with sweet or savory fillings. These pastry cups have a light and crisp texture.

Try these puff pastry cups with vanilla pudding, fresh berries, and dark chocolate shavings. Enjoy them with scoops of ice cream. Use these pastry shells to serve mini fruit tarts. Or even use them as containers for yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings.

You may also serve these puff pastry cups with savory meat and vegetable dishes. Try filling them with a chunky chicken or beef stew for a twist on a pot pie recipe. Or use them to prepare mini quiches with bacon.

Looking for a gift for someone who loves to make decorative desserts and appetizers? Add these mini tartlets to a gift basket along with a selection of high-quality filling ingredients.


Wheat flour, Vegetable Oil, And Fat [palm Sterin, Palm Oil, Canola Oil], Lupin Flour, Water, Salt.


20 Count


Product of Holland

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