Serrats Bonito Del Norte Ventresca Fillets Tuna, 4 oz

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This Spanish Tuna Belly is packed in oil

Enjoy this oil-packed tuna in salads, pasta, and other savory recipes.

These white tuna belly fillets are delicious on toasted bread with cream cheese, fresh herbs, and a dash of lemon juice.

Serrats Bonito Del Norte Ventresca Fillets Tuna are white tuna bellies packed in olive oil. This Spanish tuna makes a delicious addition to salad recipes, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and more. It has a rich flavor and texture that works well in a variety of Mediterranean-style recipes.

Try this type of tuna in a salad with extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and seasonal vegetables. Add it to a light pasta recipe with garlic and lemon. Or enjoy these tuna fillets on a crostini appetizer with cream cheese, green bell peppers, chopped parsley, and ground black pepper.


Tuna, olive oil


4 oz


Product of Spain

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