Sun Luck Toasted Sesame Seeds, 3.25 oz

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These Toasted Sesame Seeds have a rich, nutty taste

Try these roasted sesame seeds in salads or baked goods.

Mix these toasted seeds with mustard for a tangy dipping sauce.

Sun Luck Toasted Sesame Seeds are an amazing ingredient to have in your pantry. Mix these toasted seeds with spicy mustard to make a delicious dip that's perfect for egg rolls, fried wontons, spring rolls, and BBQ meats

Sushi and rice dishes benefit from the nutty flavor and texture that sesame seeds add. Likewise, they are a delicious choice for salad dressings with extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar.

Toss these seeds in stir-fry recipes for a delightful crunch. Try them with fried or scrambled eggs. Or add them to an ice cream sundae or sweet yogurt parfait. You can even use these toasted seeds to make homemade sesame buns for hamburgers!


Toasted sesame seeds


3.25 oz (93g)


Product of USA

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