Supermarket Italy's "Tasty Delicatessens" Gift Box

Sale price$125.99



  • Salt & Twine Hot Calabrian Salami, 5 oz 
  • Napoli Hot Soppressata, 15 oz 
  • Sifor Sfizioso Primo Sale Sicilian Pecorino Pomodoro Secco Wheel, 1 Lb 
  • Tempesta Nduja Spreadable Spicy Salami, 17 oz  
  • Parmacotto Italian Hot Sopressata, 8 oz
  • Sifor Caciocavallo Ragusano DOP Wedge, 12 oz 
  • Dulcesol Bread Rolls with Tomato & Oregano, 5.64 oz 
  • Teddy Bear
  • Gift Box
  • Gift Note and Wrapping


Please Note that if any item is temporarily out of stock, a similar item of similar quality and value will be substituted.


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