Sushi Chef Black Sesame Seed, 3.75 oz

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These Sushi Sesame Seeds add texture and color to rolls

These seeds can be used to give sushi, baked goods, and other recipes a subtle crunch.

Try these seeds in rice bowls, stir-fries, and other savory recipes.

Sushi Chef Black Sesame Seeds are a versatile topping that's ideal for preparing sushi rolls. This variety of sesame seed can also be enjoyed on baked goods. Or use these seeds in Asian cuisine aside from sushi.

These seeds make a delicious addition to a grain bowl with rice, fresh vegetables, and a zesty dressing. Use them to add a finishing touch to stir-fried chicken, pork, or tofu with a sweet and savory sauce. Or add these seeds to a simple salad recipe with cucumbers, lettuce, and a creamy dressing.


Black Sesame Seeds


3.75 oz


Product of Japan

Packed in USA


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