Tapiz White Quinoa, 10 lbs

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This White Quinoa is a nutritious grain

Quinoa has a mild, slightly nutty flavor that makes it an incredibly versatile ingredient.

Use this ready-to-cook quinoa as an alternative to rice.

Quinoa is a light, fluffy, edible seed with a grain-like texture and flavor. It also has a very high nutritional worth. Imported from Peru, Tapiz White Quinoa has already been pre-rinsed and is ready to cook with water or broth! This bulk 10-lbs bag is a great way to stock up on this nutritious grain.

Quinoa is a very popular food because of its mild, somewhat nutty, and appealing flavor. Health benefits of quinoa include its high fiber, protein, and potassium content. This robust nutritional profile means virtually anyone can add white quinoa to their diet.

There are a wide variety of quinoa recipes to try. Enjoy cooked quinoa in couscous type dishes and healthy salads. Try white quinoa seeds in a stir-fry recipe with chicken, vegetables, or seafood. Or prepare a simple grain bowl with fresh veggies and extra virgin olive oil. You can even use quinoa to add texture and flavor to gluten-free bread recipes.


White Quinoa 


10 lbs


Product of Peru

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