Amarelli #71 Favette Nanetti Licorice Menta Tin, 20 grams

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This Italian Licorice Candy is flavored with mint

Amarelli's licorice candies have been made in Calabria for nearly 300 years.

This gourmet licorice candy is packaged in a decorative illustrated tin.

The Amarelli Favette Nanetti Licorice Menta Tin contains pieces of solid licorice with a mint flavor. Favette means “beans” in Italian, connoting the small size and shape of this licorice candy. This Italian licorice tin is decorated with a playful scene of woodland gnomes; a great novelty item to hold onto even when the candy is all gone!

This gourmet Italian candy is perfect for sharing. Give this black licorice candy as a gift for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Or fill a small candy bowl with these licorice sweets. Keep a few in your car, so you can savor this Italian licorice on road trips. Or enjoy a piece or two during your daily commute.

This Italian candy is great on its own, but you can also pair it with a bowl of ice cream or gelato. Try it with a cup of hot tea for a calming afternoon treat. Or sample it alongside some of Amarelli's many other licorice sweets.

pure licorice, natural mint flavor

20 grams

Product of Italy

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