Amarelli Radici Licorice Root Sticks, 30 grams (1.05 oz)

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Amarelli Licorice Root Sticks are ready to use

Amarelli has been making licorice candies in Calabria for nearly 300 years.

These licorice root sticks are easy to add to a cocktail, stew, or roast.

Amarelli has been making the finest Italian licorice candy since 1731. With Amarelli Radici Licorice Root Sticks, the candy-maker provides you with the same raw ingredients from the Ionian Coast that they use to make their famous licorice.

Licorice roots are commonly used in both Mediterranean and Chinese recipes, so there's no shortage of ways you can enjoy this bold ingredient. Use these root sticks to create infused drinks and spirits. Toss one in a soup broth to give it a richer aroma. Or throw in a stick with a pot roast for a unique depth of flavor. You can even use licorice root to brew homemade tea!

pure licorice

40 grams


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