Badia Chives, 2.5 oz

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These Dried Chives are ready to add to recipes

Use this dried herb to add a mild onion flavor to breakfast dishes such as fried eggs and crispy hash browns.

Toss a handful of these herbs in savory soup and creamy stews.

Badia Chives are an aromatic ingredient that adds depth to a variety of savory dishes. These dried chives are a convenient alternative to fresh chives. They're ready to use in any recipe and last for much longer than regular chopped chives.

Use this dried herb to add a mild onion flavor to scrambled eggs, omelets, and crispy breakfast potatoes. Toss a handful in soup broth or a creamy stew. Mix them with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar for a bold salad dressing. Or use them as a garnish for grilled steaks, chicken thighs, and pork chops. You can try these chives in everything from pasta dishes to stir-fries to potato salad recipes.

For a delicious appetizer, use these herbs to top crostini with cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Or try them in a garlic-flavored Greek yogurt sauce that you can serve with pita chips.




2.5 oz


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