Badia Rosemary, 8 oz

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Dried Rosemary adds a warm aroma to Mediterranean dishes

This fragrant herb pairs well with pasta sauces, slow-cooked meat dishes, and numerous other savory recipes.

Use rosemary leaves to give meat and vegetable stews a robust flavor.

Badia Rosemary is a warm and aromatic herb that can be used to flavor a variety of savory recipes. Native to the Mediterranean region, the leaves of the rosemary plant are delicious in pasta recipes and zesty seafood dishes.

Use this culinary herb to give soft cheeses and dips depth of flavor. Add these dried rosemary leaves to homemade sauces for pasta, pizza, and meat dishes. Mix them in a piquant salad dressing with lemon juice, fresh garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. Or create your own spice blend for chicken or salmon. This dried herb is a kitchen pantry must-have for anyone who enjoys preparing Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

This herb also pairs wonderfully with slow-cooked meats like beef and lamb. Its rich aroma complements meaty flavors for a mouthwatering combination. Pair this herb with onions, extra virgin olive oil, and a splash of white wine in any number of fragrant recipes.




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