Belvis de las Navas Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9 oz

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This Organic Olive Oil contains a blend of heirloom olives

This Spanish olive oil is aromatic and subtly spicy.

Use this high-quality olive oil in salad dressings, marinades, and even pesto sauces.

This sublime, organic mountain extra virgin olive oil is a blend of heirloom varieties known to exist only on the Belvís de las Navas estate, overlooking Gibraltar and the coasts of Africa. The 18-hectare estate sits among tall cliffs, steep slopes and narrow terraces of difficult access that have sheltered olive varieties, allowing them to survive unnoticed for decades in a unique microclimate in what is known as the tail of the Subbaetic system.

This one-of-a kind blend includes wild olive strains (Acebuchina) contributing great aromatic complexity to this freshly squeezed olive juice. Aromas of freshly cut grass, ripe tomatoes, artichoke, and a hint of almond are found with a spicy note in the end. The olives are collected early in the season and are crushed every day of harvest at low temperature to preserve the organoleptic and physiochemical properties intact.

Olive Varietals:

Hojiblanca, Verdial Vélez Málaga, Zorzaleña, Manzanilla Aloreña, and wild olive strains known as Acebuchina

Oleic Acidity: 0.19%


During the 1940´s Piedad de Yturbe, Marquise of Belvís de las Navas, settled on the Costa del Sol. Ever since, the family has been linked to this magical place at the southernmost tip of Europe. While exploring on the property, the current owner Sandro discovered ancient olive trees on the terraced hills, some of which had never been documented. Today, revival of this ancient olive estate to produce Marbella’s first certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the proud accomplishment of the current generation.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


16.9 oz (500mL)


Product of Costa del Sol, Spain


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