Pane Guttiatu Bulloni Strips, 5.3 oz

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Pane Guttiatu are traditional Sardinian crispbread strips

This Italian crispbread is made with a delicious combination of simple ingredients.

Pair with your favorite Mediterranean dipping sauces, spreads, or toppings.

Pane Guttiatu Bulloni Strips with Herbs is a crisp flatbread from Sardinia. This version of the extra thin crispbread has been cut into strips, making it ideal for dipping in sauces or topping with your favorite Mediterranean spreads. A simple combination of durum wheat, water, salt, yeast, and high-quality olive oil are all that's needed to give this Italian snack a robust, authentic flavor.

Try this unique Italian cracker with salami, cream cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes. Or pair these crispbread strips with a simple mix of extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, and freshly cracked black pepper.

Pair these Italian crispbread bites with wine or sparkling cider for a refreshing appetizer. Or add this type of crispbread to a gift basket—along with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil—for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cuisine.


Flour and bran of durum wheat, water, salt marine, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil


5.3 oz (150g)


Product of Italy

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