Piana Caciocavallo Cheese, 3 Lbs

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This Italian Caciocavallo Cheese is robust and salty

Savor this caciocavallo on a cheese board with fresh fruit and olives.

This cheese pairs wonderfully with a glass of wine or sparkling cider.

Piana Caciocavallo Cheese is an Italian cow's milk cheese with a salty flavor with a semi-hard texture. A traditional aging process gives this type of cheese a robust taste that pairs wonderfully with fresh fruit and wine.

Try this Italian cheese on a charcuterie board with a selection of dry-cured meats, olives, and crackers. Enjoy this semi-hard cheese on toasted bread with fresh herbs and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Or grate it over your favorite pasta dishes to give them an extra layer of flavor.

This type of caciocavallo cheese also makes a thoughtful addition to a gift basket for anyone who loves Mediterranean cheeses. Pair this Italian cow's milk cheese with a selection of other gourmet ingredients from the region, such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


2-3 Lbs [Average]


Product of Italy


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