Callipo Hot Chili Peppers with Tuna, 7.9 oz

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Callipo's Hot Chili Peppers with Tuna are Calabria's traditional hot chilli peppers which are somewhat spicy and brightly red. They're stuffed with a creamy tuna, capers, and anchovy inside. It's a great appetizer to serve alongside a platter of cold cuts or cheeses.

Hot Chilli peppers 38%, olive oil 35%, Tuna  27% filling (Yellowfin Tuna “Thunnus albacares” 56%, water, vinegar, olive oil, capers, jelling agent: locust bean gum; salt, anchovies paste, acidity corrector: lactic acid; antioxidant: ascorbic acid); bay-tree

7.9 oz (225g)

Product of Italy

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