Callipo Tuna Slices in Olive Oil, 6 oz Jar

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These Yellowfin Tuna Slices are packed in oil

This olive oil-packed tuna can be heated or served cold.

Enjoy these tuna chunks in salads, pastas, and other Mediterranean recipes.

Callipo Tuna Slices in Olive Oil make a delicious addition to salads, appetizers, and pasta dishes. These yellowfin tuna slices are packed in olive oil, complementing their natural flavor.

Add this type of tuna to a zesty tuna salad recipe or savory tuna melt. Enjoy this olive oil-packed tuna in a pasta recipe with fresh garlic, capers, and lemon juice. Or try this Italian tuna it as a topping for a bruschetta appetizer with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs.


Yellowfin TUNA “Thunnus albacares” Presal®, Olive Oil, Iodised Protected Salt (Italian sea salt, Potassium iodate 0.007%)


6 oz


Product of Italy

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