Campanini Black Rice, 1 lb

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This Italian Black Rice has a nutty flavor

Enjoy this rice in a hearty bowl with fresh vegetables and a piquant dressing.

This black rice makes an excellent side dish for Mediterranean meat and seafood recipes.

Campanini Black Venus Rice is a medium-grain rice known for its sweet and nutty taste. When cooking, the rice absorbs the cooking water well and each grain remains consistent and not sticky.

This rice is natural and does not undergo any chemical treatment. It is also an excellent source of fibers and minerals. The rice is a hybrid grain that combines Asian black rice with an Italian variety for a special texture and quality.

Enjoy this rice in grain bowls with fresh vegetables, olive oil, and a robust seasoning blend. Or even use it in a sweet rice pudding recipe.

Type of Rice:

Medium-grain rice (40 minute cooking time)


Dark black color and a nutty, sweet taste


Product of Italy

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