Canasuc Amber Sugar Flowers, 3.7 oz

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These Amber Sugar Flowers are great with tea and coffee

Canasuc sugar candies make a wonderful gift for any special occasion.

This 84-piece assortment includes a mix of white, amber, and ebony-colored sugar candies.

This Canasuc Sugar Charm box contains 84 pieces of sugar shaped as flowers and leaves. A mix of white, amber and ebony sugars are included. Add these adorable flower-themed sugar charms to your next coffee or tea.

These flower candies make a delightful addition to any tea party. Use Canasuc's sugar candies to sweeten your coffee or tea. Or even try stirring them into a mug of spiced apple cider to add some extra sweetness.

Try this candy as part of a dessert platter with fresh fruit and chocolate truffles. Use them to decorate a cheesecake, ice cream sundae, or another luxurious dessert dish. Or enjoy these flower candies as a sweet snack all on their own.


Cane sugar, natural coloring


3.7 oz


Product of France

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