Appletinies Happy Easter Pillow Pack, 1.59 oz

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This Easter Gift Pack contains chocolate-covered apples

These dried apple pieces are organic Easter treats.

Enjoy these chocolate apple pieces with tea, coffee, or dessert wine.

Appletinies Happy Easter Pillow Pack contains an assortment of sliced apples covered in indulgent chocolates. Enjoy organic dried apples covered in rich dark chocolate, white chocolate with lemon, and white chocolate with elderberry.

These gourmet Easter candies pair well with dessert wine and sparkling cider. Or enjoy them with freshly brewed coffee or tea. Send this Easter gift box to a friend, family member, or anyone else with a sweet tooth!


  • Organic dried apple pieces covered in a deep dark chocolate
  • Organic dried apple pieces covered in a lovely white chocolate flavored with lemon
  • Organic dried apple pieces covered in a decadent white chocolate flavored with Elderberry


1.59 oz (45g)


Product of Austria

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