India Tree Candied Violets, 0.5 oz (14 g)

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Use India Tree Candied Violets to decorate dessert dishes

These floral candies are made with real whole violets coated with a generous amount of sugar.

These sweet violet flowers make a beautiful addition to any dessert platter.

These candied violets are the perfect edible garnish for cupcakes, meringues, cheesecake, parfaits, tarts, and more. The lovely color and delicate taste of these dainty candied flowers will be sure to impress on any confection. Serve these edible flowers as a topping at an ice cream sundae bar. Or add them to a gift basket for special occasions. India Tree Candied Violets are imported exclusively from France. 


Real whole violets, sugar, Arabic gum and certified food coloring


0.5 oz (14g)


Product of France

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