Rex Marron Glace with Syrup, 14.64 oz

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Marron Glacé are Candied Italian Chestnuts

These chestnuts are soaked in syrup, giving them an indulgent flavor.

Enjoy these sweet chestnuts in ice cream and gelato, or pair them with a traditional holiday cake.

Marron glacé, or candied chestnuts, are a winter staple in the Mediterranean. These sugary, nutty treats can be enjoyed on their own or paired with ice cream or a panettone cake. Add these  chestnuts to a charcuterie board, and enjoy a sweet contrast to cured meats and smoky cheeses.

Toss a handful in a salad for a pleasant crunch. Use them to top Greek yogurt along with fresh berries. Or sample them alongside a bottle of dessert wine for a delightful evening snack. Alternatively, use these sweet chestnuts to garnish a savory pork roast. Celebrate the Christmas season with Rex Italian confections.

Chestnuts, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, stabilizer: sorbitol, flavor: vanillin, potassium sorbate. Contains: Sulfur dioxide.

Net Weight: 14.64 oz (415g)
Drained Weight: 6.88 oz (195g)

Product of Italy

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