Fida Bonelle Jelly Candy - 4.5 oz.

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These Italian Jelly Candies are fruity and soft

Enjoy orange, lemon, cherry, and strawberry candies.

These Italian fruit jellies are perfect for displaying in a candy jar.

Fida has been making Italian candy in the Piedmont region since 1973. It began with soft fruit jelly candy, but has since expanded to include hard and soft candy in a variety of flavors. There's a Fida candy for everyone!

Fida Bonelle Jelly Candy is a soft Italian candy. These fruit-flavored jelly candies are produced using a traditional Alpine recipe, and this assorted mix includes flavors of lemon, orange, cherry, and strawberry. Pair them with freshly brewed tea or coffee for a relaxing snack.

Fida is excellent for snacks, gifts, and more. Individually wrapped, these candies will travel well so you can savor on the go. 


Sugar, wheat syrup, water, citric acid, pectin, natural flavors, colored with vegetable juice and fruit juice


4.5 oz.


Product of Italy


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