Fida Rossana Hard Candy - 4.5 oz.

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These Almond and Hazelnut Hard Candies are richly sweet

Fida candies are made with high-quality, natural ingredients.

These nutty Italian candies are individually wrapped for easy sharing.

Fida, an Italian candy company that has been selecting high-quality ingredients for its sweets for more than 45 years, makes and guarantees this gluten-free candy with almond and hazelnut flavoring. Fida Rossana Hard Candy is an Italian sweet that balances flavors of almonds and hazelnut. At the center of these Italian candies is a luscious and creamy center. Give Fida Perugina Rossana Hard Candy as a gift or keep them around to indulge your own sweet tooth!

Hard candies from Italy make excellent snacks, gifts, and after dinner refreshments. Use them to fill a candy bowl in your home or office. Or keep a few of these Italian hard candies in your car to add some sweetness to your next road trip.

4.5 oz. - RETAIL BAG


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