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Ceci Beans (Chickpeas)

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Ceci Beans 

In Italy they are called ceci, and in the US they’re known as chickpeas, but anyone in the world can agree to call them delicious! Round and plump, chickpeas have been a staple of Mediterranean diets for millenia. They have a soft, creamy interior, which makes them ideal for making dips, like hummus, or adding tender mouthfeel to soups and stews. 

What can I make with chickpeas?

Excellent hot or cold, chickpeas are a satisfying way to start a meal. Ceci beans can add hardiness to soups and salads, making them feel more like a main meal than a side dish. One favorite recipe is pasta e ceci, which combines chickpeas with ditalini pasta. Blend chickpeas with garlic, tahini, and extra virgin olive oil to make fresh hummus that will be a delight with crudite, as well as Moroccan tagines and rice dishes.