Cento Pepperoncini, 12 oz

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These Pepperoncini are sweet and mildly spicy

Enjoy these pepperoncini on a cheese board or charcuterie platter.

Try these pickled chilis on sandwiches, paninis, and pizzas.

While Cento started as a small Italian market, it has developed into something much larger than a corner grocery store. Now, Cento's selection of Italian-style recipes are available to the masses, from restaurants to home kitchens.

Cento Pepperoncini have been hand-selected and are known for their size, color, and texture. These sweet Italian peppers have a pleasant and mild heat. Enjoy these pickled chili peppers on its own or as a side to your favorite meal.

Use Cento's pepperoncini in your next salad or pasta dish. Try these zesty and fresh pepperoncini peppers on sandwiches, paninis, pizzas, and other savory foods. Or enjoy these pickled peppers as part of a charcuterie board with dry-cured meats and fruit jam.


Peppers, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Citric Acid, Fd&c Yellow #5, Calcium Chloride (to Protect Texture), Benzoate Of Soda (as A Preservative), Sodium Bisulfite (as A Preservative).


12 oz


Product of Spain

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