Centonze Valle Del Belice DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3 Liters

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Centonze Olive Oil is rich and complex

This Italian EVOO can be enjoyed as a flavoring or cooking oil.

Try this DOP olive oil in salad dressings, marinades, and charcuterie board condiments.

Centoneze DOP Valle Del Belice Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in Castelvetrano, Selinunte a town in Sicily. The olives are hand-picked and harvested during the month of October. This type of olive oil is ideal for Mediterranean gift baskets.

This authentic Italian EVOO is very dense and opaque with an intense green color and golden yellow glints. It has a spicy and herby full-bodied aroma with a medium fruity taste and a pleasing aftertaste of green tomato and artichoke.

This extra virgin olive oil is ideal for cooking fish dishes, vegetable soups, and white meat. Add it to a salad dressing with wine vinegar. Use it to give pasta dishes and grilled paninis an extra layer of flavor. Or drizzle it over toasted bread with fresh herbs and dry-cured meat or sun-dried tomatoes.

You can also use this Italian olive oil to make baked goods. Use this EVOO to infuse bread recipes with an aromatic, herbal quality. Or bake cookies and brownies without using any butter.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


3 Liters


Product of Italy 

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