Chicago Johnny’s Chicago Sport Pepper, 16 oz

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These Chicago Sport Peppers have a bold kick

Enjoy these peppers on a Vienna Beef hot dog with your favorite toppings.

Use the leftover pepper-seasoned brine as part of a salad dressing.

Chicago Johnny’s Chicago Sport Peppers are hot peppers packed in brine. Use these peppers as a topping for a true Chicago-style hot dog. For a beef hot dog with the works, Chicago Johnny's recommends adding these peppers along with yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, freshly diced onions, thin tomato slices, a pickle spear, and a dash of celery salt.

You can also enjoy these pickled sport peppers as part of a charcuterie board. Pair them with dry-cured meats, cheeses, and crackers. You can even use the leftover brine in a salad dressing or marinade.


Sport Pepper, water, salt, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate as preservative


16 oz


Chicago, USA

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