Chipurnoi Chips Licorice, 3lb. 6 oz

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These Chipurnoi Licorice Candies are fragrant and flavorful

These black licorice-flavored candies pair wonderfully with herbal teas and sweet liqueurs.

Add these Italian licorice candies to a gift basket for any special occasion.

Chipurnoi Chips Licorice are an aromatic Italian licorice candy. These candies make a wonderful addition to a dessert platter for any celebration. Pair them with a selection of other sweets, such as chocolates, cookies, and salted caramels. Enjoy them with a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea for a relaxing treat. You can also share them as part of a decorative candy bowl—a great choice for an office or waiting room.

Alternatively, add these licorice candies to a Mediterranean-inspired gift basket. They pair wonderfully with a selection of other products from the region.


Sugar (from beets) corn syrup, acacia gum, vegetable glycerine, licorice, menthol, other natural flavors.


3lb. 6oz


Product of Italy


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