Chipurnoi Glitterati Tropical Fruit, 1lb. 12oz

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These Italian Fruit Candies have a bright, tropical flavor

These Italian candies make a thoughtful addition to a gift basket or candy bowl.

Enjoy these tropical candies as a topping for your next ice cream sundae or yogurt parfait.

Chipurnoi Glitterati Tropical Fruit are an assortment of bright Italian candies with tropical island flavors. These fruit-flavored candies will make a wonderful addition to a decorative candy bowl in your home, office, or waiting room. Try these fruit candies as a topping for an indulgent ice cream sundae or yogurt parfait. Or share these fruit candies as part of a dessert platter with chocolate, cookies, and salted caramels.

These candies are great for sharing on a scenic picnic, leisurely nature walk, or weekend road trip. Pair these tropical candies with a freshly brewed cup of tea or spice chai for a relaxing treat that's fit for any occasion.

These tropical fruit candies also make a thoughtful addition to a Mediterranean gift basket. Pair them with a selection of other sweets and snacks from the region.


Sugar (from beets), corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, colored with elderberry juice, spinach extract, paprika, turmeric.


1lb. 12oz


Product of Italy


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