Anchor Bar BBQ Sauce, 14 oz

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This Spicy Barbecue Sauce is made with cayenne pepper

This sweet and spicy BBQ sauce is great on wings, grilled meats, and more.

Try this BBQ sauce as a marinade or dipping sauce.

Anchor Bar's BBQ Sauce is a sweet and spicy sauce made with tomatoes, honey, cayenne pepper, and other spices. Add this barbecue sauce to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys condiments with a pleasant kick and bold flavor.

Use this hot BBQ sauce to make chicken wings—best enjoyed with a blue cheese or ranch. Or use it as a savory marinade for chicken thighs, pork loins, and other meats. It's great for grilling!

You can also use this sauce as condiment on grilled burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and other foods. Enjoy it on a slice of pizza. Or try a dash of this barbecue sauce in a savory stew or chili recipe.


Tomato Puree, Honey, Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Sugar, Vinegar, Molasses, Spices, Prepared Mustard, Natural Flavor, and Caramel Color.


14 oz


Product of USA


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