Kikkoman Japanese All Purpose Soy Sauce, 20 oz

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Kikkoman Soy Sauce is brewed with traditional methods

This Japanese soy sauce has a rich flavor that's great in marinades, dipping sauces, and more.

This type of soy sauce is great for adding a savory flavor to rice dishes, stews, and more.

Kikkoman soy sauce is traditionally brewed with water, wheat, soybeans, and salt. This gives the sauce a rich, but not too strong, flavor.  This versatile seasoning can be used on a wide range of Asian and non-Asian dishes.

Try using a small amount of this sauce to give your stews and curry dishes a savory depth. Add this sauce to marinades for grilled and roasted meats. Or simply use this sauce to give rice and noodle dishes an extra dash of flavor.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is certified Kosher, has been checked by the NON-GMO project, and doesn't have any added preservatives.


Water, Soybeans, Wheat, Salt.


20 oz


Product of USA

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