Cornish Sea Salt Flakes - 5.3 oz

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These Sea Salt Flakes are a versatile choice

Use this type of salt in both sweet and savory recipes.

These salt flakes can be used as an alternative to regular table salt for most recipes.

Cornish Sea Salt Flakes are rich in minerals and delicate enough that they melt in your mouth. This is a high-quality natural finishing salt that complements and enhances any dish. This gourmet salt also makes a thoughtful addition to a gift basket for anyone who likes to cook or bake.

You can use these salt flakes for both savory and sweet recipes. Sprinkle them over steak, pork, or chicken thighs after grilling. Use this salt as part of a dry-rub or marinade recipe. Or add a dash of this salt to your salad dressings. This salt is also great as a finishing touch for dark chocolate brownies and baked muffins.


5.3 oz


Product of the United Kingdom

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