Cortas Rose Water, 10 oz

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Cortas Rose Water has a distinct, floral flavor

Enjoy a hint of rose flowers in both sweet and savory dishes.

This distilled water with Damascena roses is used as a skin care product.

Cortas Rose Water is a premium rose water from Lebanon that adds an excellent floral note to main dishes, desserts and drinks. Made by distilling roses from the Middle East with water, it's an ingredient found in numerous Mediterranean and Middle Eastern recipes. Use just a small dash to give your sweet and savory recipes a layer of floral flavors and aromas. Or put a few drops of rose water in your normal glass of water for some extra antioxidants and stress-relief.

The benefits of rose water also extend to skin care. Its natural properties are said to help alleviate skin irritation, reduce redness, improve skin moisture and texture, and help with anti-aging. Add this floral water to a spray bottle for easy application.


10 oz.



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