Levoni Culatta (Culatello), 10 lb.

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Levoni Culatta is a fine Italian meat made from pork legs

This authentic culatello is produced only in Italy.

Similarly to prosciutto, this meat is prepared from the hind legs of select pigs.

Culatello, or Culatta, is an Italian meat made from the finest parts of the pork leg, specifically the hind areas. While prosciutto is the more famous Italian dry-cured pork meat, Culatello is actually the more valuable, more luxurious choice. This pear-shaped cut of meat is comparable in quality to the prosciutto di Parma from the province of Parma in Emilia-Romagna. With a protected designation of origin, Levoni Culatello is made only in Italy from Italian pigs.

This cured meat tastes slightly sweet with a touch of spice; a delicate flavor that pairs well with sweet fruit and artisan bread. Savor thin slices of this Italian ham with fresh melons and sharp or smoky cheese on a charcuterie board. It is recommended to pair Levoni Culatello with either a Malvasia or a Lambrusco wine, though sparkling wines and champagnes are also possibilities.


10 lb.

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