Eccellenze Devodier 36M Prosciutto Di Parma, 16 Lbs

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This Parma Prosciutto is aged for 36 months

A slow aging process gives this dry-cured ham a unique flavor.

Thinly slice this Italian prosciutto and serve with melons and sea salt on a charcuterie board.

Eccellenze Devodier 36M Prosciutto Di Parma is an authentic Italian meat made in Parma, Italy with salt, air, and time. The hind legs of pork are carefully selected, then—after a traditional salting process—the pork leg is aged for at least three years, resulting in a rich, bold flavor unlike any other.

Pair this type of prosciutto with your favorite cheese and a red or white wine for an evening snack. Or sample it on a charcuterie platter with cheeses, artisan crackers, and extra virgin olive oil.


Italian pork and salt


16 Lbs (average)


Product of Italy

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