Divina Chopped Calabrian Peppers, 10.6 oz

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These Chopped Calabrian Peppers are spicy and delicious

These Italian chili peppers are packed in sunflower oil with sea salt.

Add these lightly seasoned peppers to any dish that needs an extra kick.

Divina Chopped Calabrian Peppers are hot chili peppers marinated in sunflower oil and sea salt. Native to the Calabria region of Italy, these chopped peppers are a versatile ingredient, complementing spicy, smoky, and fruity recipes alike. If you're looking for a present for someone who enjoys Italian cooking, consider adding these hot peppers to a gift basket.

Enjoy these Calabrian chilis as part of a marinade or spicy sauce. Pair them with creamy cheese and dry-cured meats on a charcuterie board. Or spread them on crackers with sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese for a simple yet intensely flavorful appetizer.

Since they're only seasoned with sea salt, these peppers are a great way to add heat to a dish, without altering the flavor too much. Try them in your favorite pizza and pasta recipes. Or add them to a pot of chili for a fiery meal.


hot chili peppers, sunflower oil, sea salt, citric acid (acidity regulator), acetic acid (acidity regulator).


10.6 oz (300g)


Product of Italy


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