Niederegger Pastel Variations, 7 oz

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This German Marzipan Box makes a thoughtful present

Four flavors of Niederegger marzipan candies are coated in creamy chocolate.

Perfect for enjoying with espresso, tea, or coffee on a warm spring day.

Pastry Chef Johann Georg Niederegger founded his marzipan company in 1806 in Lübeck, Germany. It wasn’t long before his expertly crafted almond-and-sugar treat gained a robust reputation across the country and beyond. Today, Niederegger marzipan is an icon of German confectionery.

Niederegger Pastel Variations is a collection of four German marzipan candies coated in rich chocolate. Flavors include Caramel Brownie, Cheesecake, Vanilla Toffee, and Double Chocolate. These individually wrapped sweets look great when displayed in a candy bowl or jar.

These German chocolate-covered marzipan candies pair well with coffee, tea, and dessert wine. Enjoy them on a dessert platter with fruit, chocolate, and cookies. Or use these Easter candies as a luxurious topping for an ice cream sundae or yogurt parfait.

This marzipan gift box makes a wonderful present for Easter, Christmas, and other holidays. Share it with a friend, family member, or anyone else with a sweet tooth!


Caramel Brownie


Vanilla Toffee

Double Chocolate


7 oz


Product of Germany

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