Enrico Formella Mild Eggplant Salad, 32 oz

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This Eggplant Salad is made in the Sicilian style

This eggplant salad makes a crisp and tangy topping, side dish, or mix-in.

Try this eggplant mixture in pasta salads, stews, and other savory Mediterranean recipes.

Enrico Formella Mild Eggplant Salad makes a flavorful addition to a variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes. This Sicilian eggplant salad recipe contains a mix of eggplants, celery, peppers, and olives, marinated in vinegar and oil. It pairs well with both hot and cold recipes, including stews and pasta salads.

Enjoy an eggplant side dish with fresh pita bread, cream cheese, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Add this eggplant mixture to a robust pasta recipe with an aromatic tomato sauce. Use it to give meaty stews a zesty flavor. Or try this piquant eggplant topping on a grilled panini with dry-cured meats and melted cheese. You can even pair this Sicilian-style eggplant salad with crackers, olives, and prosciutto on a charcuterie board. Savor this eggplant salad with a bottle of wine or sparkling cider for a delightful afternoon meal.


Eggplant, soybean oil, celery, red bell pepper, olives, pimento paste, water, distilled vinegar, salt, spices, garlic powder and preservative.


32 oz


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