Mestemacher Three Grain Bread, 17.6 oz

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 This Three Grain Bread is made with freshly ground rye

Mestemacher's authentically German breads are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Enjoy sandwiches, toast, and more with this type of rye bread.

In 1871, German shoemaker Johann Heinrich Mestemacher opened a bakery for his 20-year-old son Wilhelm, a master baker. Since then, Mestemacher has been making an assortment of breads that are healthy, delicious, and enjoyed by people around the globe!

Mestemacher Three Grain Bread is an all-natural, low-fat German bread made with fresh ground whole rye kernels. The ingredients that are packed inside the bread are excellent for cholesterol conscious diets. No artificial ingredients, chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

This baked loaf of rye bread is delicious with butter or jam, whether it's served toasted or at room temperature. Use it to make a hearty sandwich. Enjoy it as French toast with jam or maple syrup. Pair this bread with honey, dried fruits, nuts, and pumpkin seeds. Or simply try toasting this bread and serving it with eggs. Start your morning right with a slice of this nutritious, rye bread paired with a cup of coffee or tea.


Water, Whole Kernel Rye, Wholemeal Rye Flour, Oat Kernels, Barley Kernels, Flax Seed, Iodized Salt, Oat Fiber, Sesame, Yeast.


17.6 oz


Product of Germany

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